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A Diet And Exercise Program for Cellulite Removal

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It can be very frustrating for women when they try several so called “miracle” cellulite cures only to be disappointed by the results. As cellulite can affect up to 90 per cent of women, the anti cellulite treatment industry is a huge money earner and there is many bogus claims out there surrounding hundreds of different products.

The reality is that diet and exercise still remains the best way to get rid of cellulite. But it is human nature for people to want a quick solution that they are willing to spend hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars on snake oil products that have slick marketing. A diet and exercise program should take about 8 weeks for you to see its effects and this means you need to be prepared to work at it and stay committed for the long haul.

The diet component of an anti cellulite plan doesn’t need to be anything strenuous. The aim is to remove foods from your diet that increase the toxins that cause the fat cells to clump together. This means you need to limit the amount of processed foods that you consume and stay off the alcohol and sweets.

Exercise is more than just hitting the treadmill for half an hour. In order to tighten up the problem areas, you need to do a large amount of weight training. The weights will tone up your cellulite and make your legs and hips more shapely and smooth. You should still do cardio exercise in order to burn off the thin layer of cellulite fat and its best to use those exercises that work the legs such as stair steppers, stationary bikes and the treadmill.

For most women, diet and exercise can make significant in roads into their cellulite. However, some may still need a quality anti cellulite cream in order to see good results. A cream can be applied twice a day and after exercise.