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Want to Improve Your Health? Learn How to Cook!

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Just about everything in life is a trade off.  If you want the convenience of fast food you are going to be consuming a lot of unhealthy junk.  Most convenience food is highly processed and loaded with preservatives that are not good for you.  The truth is that over time, these harmful toxins can build up in your body tissue.  Because of this, if you are serious about being healthy long term, one of the best things that you can learn how to do is cook.  Cooking at home will not only help you to improve your health, it will also help improve your financial situation. It is amazing how much cooking at home can save you.

While there is no need to become a gourmet, you do need to focus on making healthy foods.  Cooking the same unhealthy food at home is not going to be of benefit.  You will want to stick to lean proteins, fruits, vegetables and whole grains.  A good rule of thumb is that other than grains, try to shop on the perimeter of the grocery store and stay away from foods in boxes.  Unless processed foods are USDA certified, they are generally overly processed and loaded with preservatives.  What you want is whole clean foods.

A good way to stay motivated is to try foods that you have never had before.  For instance, if you love pasta but know that white carbohydrates are not good for you, you may want to learn how to cook quinoa.  There are many snack items that do not require any preparation at home such as fruits and Greek yogurt, but learning to prepare a few special items can be fun.  I like to try new hummus recipes because the high protein and fiber content really helps keep me full.  Experiment and learn what works for you.