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Five Tips To Ease Hip Pain Symptoms

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Whether your aching hip is caused by a pinched nerve or a fracture on the pelvic bone, you can do one or more quick and easy tips to ease the pain and other symptoms you might get like a dull throbbing or a numb sensation. Try the five tips below to get relief from pain and help your hip get back to perfect condition again.

 1. Get off your feet.

You may think it’s strange to rest your feet when it’s your hip that’s aching, but actually walking and moving around requires hip movement, and any unnecessary motion can bring a fresh burst of pain. Mild cases of hip pain can get better after a few hours of rest, while severe injuries may need a couple of weeks or more.

 2. Lie on your back when resting and sleeping.

Hip pain can get worse if you put too much of your body’s weight on it, so refrain from lying on your side or on your stomach, both of which puts more pressure on the hips. Lying on your back is actually the best position, not just for hip injuries but also for leg and foot problems or even a pinched nerve upper back.

 3. Avoid repetitive exercises.

Although you are required to get enough rest to let your hip heal, you will still need to do the right exercises to speed up recovery by conditioning your hip muscles and stimulating good blood circulation. Moves like kicks and twists should be avoided. Instead look for routines that will strengthen without being repetitive, such as Pilates and Yoga. Exercises for pinched nerve in hip also focus on correct posture and won’t subject you to high impact, so go for stretches over repetitive moves to treat hip pain.

4. Use ice wraps and cold packs.

This is the best step for getting instant pain relief for the hip. An ice wrap can soothe the pain signals released by the sensory nerves and decrease swelling. Ice packs made with ice cubes and a towel or Ziploc bag is also as effective but may be more difficult to keep steady on the hip than an ice wrap.

 5. Gently massage the hip area.

A hard massage can be too painful for an aching hip, so use light gentle strokes with your fingers and palms instead. A soft touch can be far more calming than strong pressure, so relax and keep your strokes light when massaging your hip.