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How to Make Naturally Sweet Sugar-Free Lemonade

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Lemonade is a favorite warm-weather drink all over the world. Traditionally made by pouring freshly squeezed lemon juice, water, and sugar, over ice, lemonade adds a lot of empty calories to the diet, so most dieters prefer to use low- or no-calorie sweeteners. But what can you do if you want the sweet-tart taste of lemonade without the sugar and also without Sweet ‘n Low, Nutrasweet, or acesulfam?

The obvious choice for a naturally sweet sugar-free lemonade is stevia. Liquid stevia extract is 100 percent natural, and it’s blissfully simple to use to make lemonade. Add a few drops, stir, and you’re done. There are, unfortunately, a couple of drawbacks to using liquid stevia extract to make lemonade.

One problem with liquid stevia is its licorice-like aftertaste. If you happen to like licorice, using stevia extract to make your sugar-free lemonade may be fine. But that leads to the other problem with liquid stevia.

Stevia is hundreds of times sweeter than sugar. It is very easy to use too much. Too much stevia, surprisingly, carries a bitter taste that can be very hard to get out of your mouth. However, there is an almost sugar-free alternative,.

Powdered stevia sweeteners contain tiny amounts of stevia rebaudiosides, the plant chemicals that make stevia taste sweet. The powder in a stevia packet is actually 99.8 percent filler and only 0.2 percent stevia. The filler is usually some other sugar that is chosen to complement the sweetness of the rebaudiosides. Manufacturers in the US and Canada often use glucose, which is sensed on the tongue just a fraction of a second before the sweetness of the stevia rebaudiosides kicks in. Manufacturers in Australia and Asia use xylitol, a lower-calorie sugar that is manufactured from corn cobs. Powdered stevia products are not really completely natural, and they are not really completely calorie-free, but it only takes about 15 calories in sugar “filler” to carry the stevia rebaudiosides that will sweeten an entire pitcher of lemonade.

What if you simply don’t want any kind of added sugar at all in your naturally sweet sugar-free lemonade? Then the solution is to make your lemonade with “sweet lemons,” a relatively hard-to-find fruit born by the lemon species Citrus limetta. Once you find and buy the fruit, or after you pick your lemons from your own Citrus limetta tree, you will have to do your own squeezing to make a slightly greenish juice. The juice of the sweet lemon, however, is sweet enough to drink without sugar, artificial sweeteners, or stevia, and also high in antioxidant flavonoids and vitamin C.

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A Personal Review For The Stamina 55-1610 InMotion E1000 Elliptical Trainer!

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UnDiet: Thank you to one of our readers for this detailed review of what looks to be a great piece of home gym equipment.

I like this small so-called elliptical! Having tried a mini-stepper before, I found the Stamina Inmotion E1000 to greatly surpass the workout quality. Putting it together was a breeze.

I normally use it while I am watching TV and you can easily transport it from one place to another. Before I purchased this elliptical, I used to eat food while watching TV which is unhealthy. Now I’ve effectively swapped that habit by exercising on the Stamina E1000 elliptical machine. The advantages are tremendous!

Reviewers have stated how compact the stride is in comparison to the fitness-center elliptical machines. This is quite true actually; however I don’t feel this is as a bad thing as the motion is extremely nice!

The E1000 Elliptical Trainer can easily get my heartbeat up or assist me in breaking a sweat. The best thing is that this elliptical completely hits the core areas as there are no handles to lean on. Due to the lack of handles, one is forced to stand upright which in turn works the core muscles.

My abs are always sore the next day if I am completely focused on my position during workout. I sometimes carry small weights to workout my arms during cardio on this machine. That’s an additional advantage of having both hands free.

The tension could be changed from easy to hard very effectively. It apparently counts calories too (unsure how that actually works because it never requests my weight to begin with, but it’s still good because it helps me to monitor and motivate myself!)

The Stamina 55 E1000 trainer also counts steps and miles walked. My only real minor complaint is that it stops and starts over after 9999 steps rather than counting ahead. Nevertheless it does remember your steps and miles walked from a while back like a week ago or last 2 days!

It’s an excellent elliptical as its cheap, small and less expensive in comparison to regular elliptical machines. Even if it only lasts a few years, I possibly could buy a replacement but still wouldn’t be anywhere near to the cost of a regular elliptical!

I made use of the free Super Saver delivery to have mine shipped through Amazon and now I get a great workout several times a week within the confines of my very own house which saves me the troubles of having to pay at a gym and drive there just to get a decent workout!!

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Top Reasons To Buy Your Gluten Free Groceries Online

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In terms of specialty foods, web-based suppliers will almost always have a far more extensive selection than traditional grocery stores. This is one of the foremost reasons why many people are now opting to buy their gluten free groceries online. They know that they will have a number of different options for each particular product, rather than just a single, scant aisle in the middle of a physical supermarket.You can also find a number of savings opportunities over the net that are often not available at your local market. Many specialty food items tend to be quite a bit more costly than their conventional counterparts. For each product, you might well pay several dollars more per every unit that you buy. This can quickly add up, making your efforts to accommodate a household allergy a very costly one, unless you make sure to use the right shopping services.You can be assured that a specialty store has taken extra care to ensure the quality and authenticity of the merchandise. This is one very important consideration that shoppers must make when purchasing their food items. If you want pure, unadulterated products you will need to shop through a trustworthy supplier who is dedicated to the provision of goods for your specific purpose. While some foods do not contain nuts or tree nuts, such as packaged oatmeal, these things may be processed in factories in which these items are present. Thus, even a simple bowl of oatmeal can cause a nasty allergic reaction in someone whose physical system is averse to these things. The same is true of products that are manufactured for those with gluten allergies. When using a specialty web-based supplier, you know that you will be getting exactly what you require.Your goods can be delivered right to your doorstep on a regular basis. This is another benefit of the internet shopping process. People do not have to fight through long lines or navigate a lot of aisles in order to find what they need. Their goods can be selected electronically instead and then conveniently brought to their very own homes.Many website offer a lot of valuable cooking and recipe information. If you are just now learning how to cook for yourself or someone else who suffers from Crohn’s disease, Celiac disease or any other food-related condition, learning how to prepare delicious and interesting meals can be quite a challenge. Many of these sites offer recipe ideas and cooking instructions that can help to make these special diets far more enjoyable.You can even link up with like-minded individuals when shopping for your gluten free groceries online. The friendship and moral support that is derived from online shopping communities is another advantage that is hard to overlook. You can start grocery shopping online with the link provided. Purchasing gluten free groceries online is a great way to connect with others in your community with similar dietary restrictions and health goals.

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Will You Lose Weight With Hoodia Diet Max?

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Hoodia Diet Max is one of the more popular supplements that contain extract from hoodia gordonii, a plant that looks like a cactus, found in the deserts of Africa. Legend has it that when men from the native tribes of South Africa would go hunting, which can take days at a time, they would take hoodia gordonii with them because they found that the plant was a natural appetite suppressant, and that eating it would keep them full longer and get hungry slower. When news of this began to spread, hoodia gordonii products began to grow in demand, and Hoodia Diet Max is one among others that promise fast weight loss safely and effectively.

The hoodia gordonii plant has become endangered and is now a protected species due to its high demand, and since the plant cant easily be cultivated in other countries and climates, this makes getting real hoodia gordonii extract a bit of an ordeal for the countless manufacturers eager to earn money and provide all the people anxious to lose weight with their own versions of hoodia. This is why you hear more and more stories about fake hoodia products, items that contain too little hoodia to give any real effect, and sometimes these products have absolutely no hoodia at all.

Hoodia Diet Max is actually one of the products known for offering only a very minute quantity of hoodia gordonii extract. A website called reports that Hoodia Diet Max only contains about 25 milligrams of hoodia extract per serving, and that you will need as much as 400 mg to really experience appetite suppression and weight loss. This means that Hoodia Diet Max is similar to those homeopathic b12 injections benefits, where the solutions sometimes contain less than 54353370f real vitamin B12. Despite this reading, Hoodia Diet Max still remains one of the most popular hoodia-based products, largely because of its lower price when compared to the other products that promise a higher concentration of hoodia extract, and also because it is widely advertised and promoted all over the Internet.

Real hoodia gordonii extract may really be effective in helping one lose weight by decreasing the appetite, which will naturally make you eat less, but you may only experience real benefits with a higher concentration than what Hoodia Diet Max offers. Consult your doctor first on which hoodia products you should try, and on whether your body can really benefit from taking hoodia in the first place.

NOTE FROM UNDIET: we provide our readers with the information above as part of our quest to provide you with the most up-to-date information but do advise that you check this out for yourself by comparing various sources.

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How The Benefits Of Flax Seed Can Give Side Effects

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To those who are not familiar with it, flaxseed can sound as exotic as quinoa, acai berries, noni fruits or any other health food making health headlines recently. Flaxseed certainly counts as one of the most nutritious foods around, with its rich fiber and omega 3 fatty acids content, but if you’re not careful, the flaxseed benefits can lead to side effects. Let’s find out what the flaxseed side effects are so you will know how to avoid them and experience only the many health benefits.

Gastrointestinal Problems

Nausea, diarrhea, appetite loss, and stomach pains are some of the digestive problems associated with eating flaxseed, and it can be rather confusing, for isn’t the high fiber content of flaxseed supposed to treat gastrointestinal disorders? In the right amount and when taken correctly, the dietary fiber in flaxseed can do wonders to treat and prevent digestive problems, just as incorrect and excessive amounts can lead to said problems. Too much fiber leads to a laxative effect and diarrhea, but in some cases, very high doses may even cause intestinal blockage and constipation. To prevent this, stick to the dose approved by your doctor or nutritionist, such as one to two tablespoons of flaxseed a day, and never consume more than five tablespoons at a time. To help your body use and dispose of the fiber properly, drink plenty of water and eat a healthy diet with water-rich foods like berries, tomatoes, and leafy green vegetables.

Although whole flaxseeds are said to be the healthiest, you may be better off enjoying flaxseed oil or ground flaxseed benefits, both of which are easier for our bodies to digest. However, take care not to exceed the maximum dose for these flaxseed varieties, for they may still cause gastrointestinal problems in large amounts.


Decreased Blood Coagulation

The normal act of blood clotting is essential for open wounds to stop bleeding, but when the blood starts clotting inside the body, this can lead to serious problems, including heart attack and stroke. This is why some people need to take medicines like Warfarin to keep blood clots in their veins from developing and growing larger.

Unfortunately, flaxseed is just one of the healthy foods that inadvertently affect the circulatory system, much like how the side effects of hibiscus tea can lower blood pressure. Large doses of flaxseeds are known to give an anticoagulant effect on the blood. This is why consuming flaxseeds in high doses should be avoided by those on anticoagulant medication and who are going through surgery in a matter of days. Flaxseeds may cause the blood to “thin” out and keep the cells and platelets from naturally clotting, so consult your doctor first before taking flaxseeds if you are taking special medication or have surgery coming up.

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Three Natural Remedies to Lower Cholesterol

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High cholesterol is a chronic health problem that contributes to coronary artery disease and stroke. Patients with high cholesterol are often prescribed medications to help lower bad cholesterol, or LDL levels. For people with borderline levels medications are not always need. Simple changes in diet and exercise habits may be all that these people need to reduce their cholesterol. For any extra boost patients can try one of these three natural substances.

  1. Niacin: niacin, is also known as vitamin B3. This vitamin has caught the attention of the medical community and naturopaths for its potent cholesterol fighting qualities. Niacin has been clinically proven to help protect against heart disease by boosting HDL, or good cholesterol, levels. Many patients may find this supplement difficult to tolerate due to its uncomfortable side effect, niacin flush. This sudden sensation of warmth and redness in the skin can be decreased is a baby aspirin is taken 30 minutes before you take your niacin. There are also extended release formulations of this supplement that may decrease the severity of the niacin flush.
  2. Fish Oil: fish oil supplements contain heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids that are known to lower triglycerides. Add fish to your diet or try a supplement to improve your cholesterol naturally. Click here to learn how much fish oil you should take to help improve your heart health.
  3. Soy Products: soy is being carefully studied for its potential to improve cholesterol levels. It is gaining popularity as part of a diet known as the portfolio diet which is a diet strategy that uses a combination of soy and other foods to lower lipid levels. Try adding soy to your diet in combination with a low fat diet for reduction in your lipid levels.

The best natural remedy for high cholesterol levels is a healthy diet and routine exercise. For those that need an extra boost, try one of these three supplements to see your cholesterol numbers rapidly improve.

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Should You Be Taking Probiotics?

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If you have a well-balanced diet and are not consuming high quantities of highly processed foods, then you don’t necessarily need to take probiotics. Probiotics are essentially foods or supplements that contain high quantities of “beneficial” bacteria that are thought to improve health and will definately improve digestion. Unfortunately most modern diets do not contain sufficient quantities of these bacteria with the result being that we do not maintain viable populations of probiotic bacteria in our gastro-intestinal tract.

Recent studies indicate that probiotic bacteria can help to:

  • manage diarrhea, especially diarrhea that is linked to prolonged use of certain antibiotics
  • treat irritable bowel syndrome
  • improve digestion and nutrient uptake
  • reduce the likelihood of food allergies
  • control cholesterol levels
  • get rid of yeast infections caused by Candida
  • reduce the risk of certain forms of cancer
  • assist in the treatment of intestinal infections

Labeling requirements around probiotics are still weak so take care when looking for a good probiotic supplement. If you see a product labeled “probiotic”, it may not contain sufficient quantities of viable bacteria to provide a significant health benefit. In addition, some manufacturers make generalized claims about health benefits, without linking these back to the specific genus, species and strain that is provided in the probiotic food or supplement.

The best probiotics are sold in good quality packaging (often inert glass), with clear expiration dates and with all health claims backed up by independently conducted scientific studies. In particular make sure that the probiotics are identified down to the strain level and information is provided on the specific quantities that are provided. You will normally see this measured in terms of Colony Forming Units or (CFU’s). If in doubt stick with probiotic supplements that include acidophilus and bifidobacterium strains as these are the most studied and mimic the natural bacteria found in our intestines.  For more guidance when choosing which probiotics to purchase the International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics (ISAPP) is a good resource.

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B12 Vitamin Injections and Benefits

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Vitamin B12 injections have been out there for quite a while, and are actually the most common and widely known and accepted method of treating patients who experience the symptoms of a B12 deficiency. Vitamin B12 injections actually have their place, especially for people who have difficulties absorbing this vitamin, which is usually caused by a malfunctioning of the intrinsic factor, the part in our stomach that is responsible for transferring the B12 into our blood stream.

Vitamin B12 benefits are as follows:

  • B12 helps replicating our body’s DNA.
  • Creation of Myelin, a substance that protects our nerve cells. It’s a fatty substance that is vital for our day to day functioning.
  • Tissue growth and red blood cells formation.
  • Energizing our body and boosting our metabolism. You have probably heard all that hype regarding “vitamin B12 injections as a weight loss solution”. Well, that’s why.
  • Lowering our body levels of Homo cysteine, an amino acid which have been linked with a far greater risk of developing cancer, strokes, and other modern western ailments.

Worthy of mentioning, you can get the benefits of B12 out of any vitamin B12 food or supplement out there, be it a sub lingual tablet, an injection, or a simple fish meal. Checking for a deficiency is also easy. All you have to do is go to your local doctor and ask for a simple vitamin blood test. You will probably get the results within a few days.

You can get this vitamin naturally from a variety of foods, but you will find the biggest amount of B12 per gram in clams. They are an amazing source of vitamin B12, but like any other animal food, have their disadvantages. Solution? Nutritional yeast. My personal recommended supplement is red star vegetarian support formula. It is a proven and tested source of the active form of B12, which is important if you want it to absorb effectively.

More information on B12-shots.

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Weight Lifting

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A lot of people (especially men) want to build muscles. Being fit and firm seems to be the standard these days. If you want to start building muscles then you might want to start thinking of buying adjustable dumbbells. These dumbbells are one of the new kinds of equipments that available for getting fit and firm. They are ideal for those who want to start exercising in their own homes. They also saves a lot of space because you have a wide range of weights in just one dumbbell. You can easily adjust the dumbbell weight and set your desired weight for each exercise that you perform.

For those who want to perform various weight exercises, you can also buy a weight bench to help you get fit. An adjustable weight bench is a good option. You can adjust the top and foot part in varying degrees depending on your exercise. You can also use it with your adjustable dumbbells. These two pieces of equipment can save you quite a bit of money because you can perform a lot of exercises with them. You can buy DVDs, search for videos in the Internet or ask an expert to develop various weight exercises you can perform.

For serious weight lifters a standard weight bench where you can put your barbell on a bar above the bench may be a better option if you have the room and the money. You often see this type of bench on TV where muscled men do some seriously heavy weight lifting. Another weight bench option is the same as the one used in the Olympics. These are very durable and can withstand tremendous amounts of weight. These are for professional lifters who compete in weight lifting sports. The amount of weight they can lift continually amazes people.

Have patience in building those muscles. You can’t build them overnight so just slowly work your way up. Always be positive and believe that you can do it and before you know it you’ll have reached your goal – a fit and trim, muscled physique.

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Top 3 Anti Cellulite Cream Products in the Market Today

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There are a lot of anti cellulite cream products on the market these days. Though this may be good news for you if you’re trying to get rid of or minimize the appearance of cellulite, the volume of choices can also be one of your biggest problems. How do you decide which of these anti-cellulite creams is the best for you to try? This article discusses the three best anti cellulite creams on the market today. Take note, however, that the rankings are not based on how effective the creams are but on how consumers are  responding to these products.

Consumer Reviews of Anti Cellulite Creams

  • Cellulean: a lot of people searching for how to get rid of cellulite have tried this cream. This anti cellulite cream contains a very powerful mix of natural and pharmaceutical grade ingredients. What kicks this cream up a notch is that it contains Aminophylline, which is an ingredient that has been proven to reduce cellulite. With constant and proper application, Cellulean can give results in as fast as two weeks. However, this product can be very expensive.
  • Procellix: this cream is similar to Cellulean. It also contains Aminophylline and is also very expensive. Consumers report visible results after six weeks of continuous application. It also has caffeine, which is a natural ingredient that is known for its anti cellulite capacities.
  • Revitol: this all-natural cream is made of 100 percent natural ingredients. Hence, it is a guaranteed safe product. Plus, the name Revitol is already respected in the market, which is boosting this anti cellulite cream’s popularity. However, no clinical studies have been performed on this product to prove that this cream really works.

Though these products made it to the top of the list, we encourage you to do your own research when choosing the best anti cellulite cream to use. This list of products is intended to be a guide in your fight against cellulite.