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Value of Juicing Fruits and Vegetables

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There are many reasons why juicing is becoming a very popular and an important part of a healthy diet for so many people. Juicing offers many health benefits associated with consuming vital nutrients and minerals that our bodies sorely lack with the typical diet of modern society. It is important to incorporate both fruits and vegetable juicer recipes routinely to keep a stable balance of nutrients and natural sugars. Finding new recipes is easy given the resources available online. There are also countless recipe books available in your local bookstore.

We know that eating fruits and vegetables in abundance is important to a healthy balanced diet. But the benefits of juicing these ingredients make it hard to ignore. Juicing liquefies the fruits and vegetables which allow the micro nutrients, mineral and other essential ingredients of life to be released from the solid particles. This makes it more efficient for the body to absorb them into the blood stream and redistribute to parts of the body where they are needed. It is a way of concentrating all the nutrients into a single glass of juice making it a very potent drink.

It is just as important to eat these fruits and vegetables as solids to provide your body with everything it needs. Do not think that drinking the juice will substitute for eating a healthy diet, since juicing is a way to complement a healthy lifestyle not to compensate for a bad one.

Of course healthy juicer recipes are only as good as the ingredients that go into them. You want to use fresh and organically grown fruits and vegetables to minimize the amount of toxins consumed. Produce grown without pesticides and chemical fertilizers might be more expensive but it is worth the health of your body. Try farmers markets for produce since local farm products often travel a lot less distance than typical grocery store produce. This means they are fresher and many are grown organically.

Juicing Recipes

If you can choose fresh and organic fruits and vegetables for your juicing. You’ll get the most nutritional benefits with these. If you can’t get fresh then frozen is a good option, but stay away from canned fruits and veggies when you’re juicing.


Pineapple Delight

1 large handful of fresh baby spinach

1/2 fresh pineapple

10 strawberries

1/2 cucumber

Juice in the order listed above. Pour over ice and drink up!


Virgin Bloody Mary

2 tomatoes

1 celery stalk

1 large carrot

1 cup chopped broccoli

1 cucumber

1/2 lemon – peeled

1 garlic clove

dash or two of hot sauce

Run everything through your juicer and enjoy!


Dr. Oz’s Green Drink

So many of you have asked us for the drink Dr. Oz swears by that we had to end with this one. ┬áThis “green drink” is high in fiber, very low-cal and extremely rich in vitamins. You can make this in a juicer or a blender. If you’re making it in a blender be sure to chop all veggies and fruit first, juice and zest the lemon and lime and discard the rest, core and peel the apple, use only the leaves of the parsley.

2 cups spinach

2 cups chopped cucumber

1 head of celery

1/2 inch of teaspoon of ginger root

1 bunch parsley

2 apples

1 lime

1/2 lemon