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Are There Any HCG Diet Dangers?

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Without a doubt there are a multitude of diets available to anyone wishing to lose weight.  Most of these diets have one or two side effects that need to be considered before continuing.  The same can be said of the HCG Diet.  There are a few precautions that must be understood before plunging in and losing a lot of weight.

Pregnant Women

HCG is a hormone produced by the female body during pregnancy.  Typically the level of HCG will increase throughout the pregnancy term.  Therefore it is usually not advisable for pregnant women to take HCG injections.

Underage Dieters

The HCG injections or drops are also not recommended for people under the age of 18.  HCG can produce progesterone in the body.  If this occurs in a young person it could interfere with their physical development as they mature.

Basic Side Effects

Since the HCG diet recommends a strict daily intake of only 500 calories some people experience headaches or fatigue.  These symptoms typically do not last very long.

Some of the newer proponents of the HCG diet suggest taking a supplement during the dieting phase.  However, most of the problems people have experienced during the HCG diet are due to the supplements, not the HCG.  People that have followed Dr. Simeon’s plan to the letter typically do not encounter any problems since they are not adding supplements to their dieting.

Other people have observed that their bodies get colder much easier.

This is one reason it is so important for people to follow and use the recommended HCG diet recipes.  By eating the exact amount of food and liquids most dieters can avoid these types of side effects.


For the majority of people, a realistic long term goal is the real purpose behind the diet.  Following the HCG plan is a great way to kick off a new healthy lifestyle.  Most people that stick with the program and follow the exact guidelines have witnessed significant weight loss that range from half a pound and up per day.  Since the general diet usually lasts for 26 days, this means that people can experience a loss of 13 pounds or more though the use of this plan.  Anyone wishing to lose a lot of weight over an extended amount of time could use this quick success as motivation to adopt a new way of eating and exercising.