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Side Effects of Using HCG for Weight Loss

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The use of HCG (human chorionic gonadoropin) for weight loss seems rather extreme. The basic procedure is to take a series of HCG injections while following a very specific and very low calorie diet. Following this procedure exactly results in the lose of adipose fat to the tune of about 1 pound per day. Anyone looking on this procedure from the outside would say that it sound pretty extreme. I suppose that it is extreme, but the weight loss is also very extreme, which is wonderful to say the least. So a weight loss method as extreme as this must have some pretty serious side effects, right? Nope – you could not be more wrong!

Compared to other extreme weight loss methods, the use of HCG injections is very safe. There is none of the liver and heart damage associated with appetite reducing drugs. There is no surgery as in stomach stapling or stomach band operations. There is no potential kidney or liver damage as found in some high protein diets. It simply works.

So what are some of the side effects?

Nothing life threatening, but when the protocol is first started there is the potential for headaches and some irritability and restlessness. This is really due to the changes in the composition of your new diet and not so much from the HCG hormone itself. Some people, due to the low calorie diet, also feel some hunger or at the very least, a certain ’emptiness.’ This usually passes by the 2nd week and is virtually non-existent for the rest of the procedure. Other effects that can be felt are changes in blood pressure (lowered … usually a good effect), changes in blood sugar level (lowered … again, usually good) and of course a serious drop in body weight.

This diet, while extreme in its results, is not dangerous and when compared to other weight loss methods, is extremely safe. Most who attempt the HCG protocol are willing to put up with a little restlessness for the wonderful results that occur so quickly.