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The Real Reason Why Losing Belly Fat is a Good Idea

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More and more people are becoming aware of how they look and this has set the stage for a rise in interest in fitness and weight loss programs. Eliminating belly fat seems to be the focus of many new fitness programs and books on how to lose weight fast. Although it’s good that people are making an effort towards exercising and losing weight so that they can feel confident with the way they look, there is a more important reason why a flatter belly is a good goal.

The health constraints that a bulging stomach imposes on your body is something that should be considered when aiming for a flat belly. Excessive belly fat is a sure sign of visceral or intra-abdominal fat, which is linked to high insulin, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, high blood pressure and many other health challenges. This kind of fat may be the most dangerous kind of fat and can increase your risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and some types of cancers. So when you’re dreaming of a new set of washboard abs, let your inspiration be not only looking fantastic in a bathing suit but also living a longer and healthier life.

Now that you have a solid goal in mind, now that you’re motivated to start moving towards a healthier lifestyle, now that you have a picture of the swimsuit you want to wear pinned up on your dream board, there are many effective ways to lose belly fat. Some of these programs and tips are easier than most people think. While working your core muscles is helpful towards getting a flat belly, contrary to popular belief, sit-ups, crunches, and all those exercise machines
designed to target the abdominal muscles are not the best way to get a flatter tummy. Your stomach muscles may be carved into a six-pack but you won’t be any closer to your swimsuit, weight loss or health goals if your six-pack is covered with a layer of fat. Regular aerobic exercise and a healthy diet will burn more fat than these targetted routines because these are designed to burn fat and build muscle all over your body. The good news is that since the abdomen stores more fat than any other part of your body, the belly fat is usually the first to melt away.

Aiming for tighter abs because you want to look good is not a bad goal but remember that a flat stomach has extreme health advantages that will take you a longer way towards a happy life than the right swimsuit will.

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Benefits of Owning a Portable Treadmill

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Have you purchased fitness equipment only to move it to your garage, shed, or basement? And once the workout equipment is out of sight, you of course, forget about it and stop using it. Your expensive treadmill, Bowflex, rowing machine … ends up gathering dust and taking up storage space that could be put to better use.

The problem many people face when buying home gym equipment is space. These machines don’t look that large at the department store or even online, and you think that they will fit fine in your spare bedroom, but once the machine is in your home, you realize that it is much larger than it seems. In order to save space the machine gets moved out of the house and is never used again.

Portable gym equipment can help you remedy this situation. There are many different options available, but a portable treadmill, in particular, is a great way to have workout equipment in your home without concern for taking up too much space. They can easily be stored and taken out when needed for a workout, with convenient and easy folding on the machine.

There are both manual and electric models available. The most portable options will be the manual units because they are lighter than most electric ones available, most weighing as little as 50 pounds, making them easy to move from place to place. Besides the benefit of portability, these machines also have a display to help you track to fitness progress with a calorie counter and distance and time indicators.

Most motorized treadmills will come with many more features and benefits than their manual counterparts. One great example is the NordicTrack EXP2000. It is a motorized portable treadmill that has 9 built-in workouts to keep you motivated and help you avoid boredom. These machines are heavier than the 50lb manual options, but are easier to use and have more features.

If having gym machines in your home is appealing, but you are short on space, consider getting a portable treadmill for their space saving benefits. They can be a much better investment than bulky machines that will end up not being used.