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B12 Vitamin Injections and Benefits

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Vitamin B12 injections have been out there for quite a while, and are actually the most common and widely known and accepted method of treating patients who experience the symptoms of a B12 deficiency. Vitamin B12 injections actually have their place, especially for people who have difficulties absorbing this vitamin, which is usually caused by a malfunctioning of the intrinsic factor, the part in our stomach that is responsible for transferring the B12 into our blood stream.

Vitamin B12 benefits are as follows:

  • B12 helps replicating our body’s DNA.
  • Creation of Myelin, a substance that protects our nerve cells. It’s a fatty substance that is vital for our day to day functioning.
  • Tissue growth and red blood cells formation.
  • Energizing our body and boosting our metabolism. You have probably heard all that hype regarding “vitamin B12 injections as a weight loss solution”. Well, that’s why.
  • Lowering our body levels of Homo cysteine, an amino acid which have been linked with a far greater risk of developing cancer, strokes, and other modern western ailments.

Worthy of mentioning, you can get the benefits of B12 out of any vitamin B12 food or supplement out there, be it a sub lingual tablet, an injection, or a simple fish meal. Checking for a deficiency is also easy. All you have to do is go to your local doctor and ask for a simple vitamin blood test. You will probably get the results within a few days.

You can get this vitamin naturally from a variety of foods, but you will find the biggest amount of B12 per gram in clams. They are an amazing source of vitamin B12, but like any other animal food, have their disadvantages. Solution? Nutritional yeast. My personal recommended supplement is red star vegetarian support formula. It is a proven and tested source of the active form of B12, which is important if you want it to absorb effectively.

More information on B12-shots.

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Weight Lifting

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A lot of people (especially men) want to build muscles. Being fit and firm seems to be the standard these days. If you want to start building muscles then you might want to start thinking of buying adjustable dumbbells. These dumbbells are one of the new kinds of equipments that available for getting fit and firm. They are ideal for those who want to start exercising in their own homes. They also saves a lot of space because you have a wide range of weights in just one dumbbell. You can easily adjust the dumbbell weight and set your desired weight for each exercise that you perform.

For those who want to perform various weight exercises, you can also buy a weight bench to help you get fit. An adjustable weight bench is a good option. You can adjust the top and foot part in varying degrees depending on your exercise. You can also use it with your adjustable dumbbells. These two pieces of equipment can save you quite a bit of money because you can perform a lot of exercises with them. You can buy DVDs, search for videos in the Internet or ask an expert to develop various weight exercises you can perform.

For serious weight lifters a standard weight bench where you can put your barbell on a bar above the bench may be a better option if you have the room and the money. You often see this type of bench on TV where muscled men do some seriously heavy weight lifting. Another weight bench option is the same as the one used in the Olympics. These are very durable and can withstand tremendous amounts of weight. These are for professional lifters who compete in weight lifting sports. The amount of weight they can lift continually amazes people.

Have patience in building those muscles. You can’t build them overnight so just slowly work your way up. Always be positive and believe that you can do it and before you know it you’ll have reached your goal – a fit and trim, muscled physique.