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Can You Really Find Healthy Protein Powder?

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As someone who works in the fitness industry and is always working with people on their fitness goals the subjects of diet and food comes up constantly.  A hot topic that I always end up discussing with clients is healthy protein powders.  Many people trying to change their bodies and bring them to a state of fitness are including more protein to build muscle, lose fat and increase their metabolism. This is great logic in theory.

Protein is a key component to all your fitness goals and I may likely be the first to tell you to bump it up.  But just as much as increasing your protein matters so does where it comes from too. The quality of protein in the majority of protein powders is hardly fit for consumption despite what is presented on the label and advertised in the media. The vast majority of protein powders are loaded with additives. They contain chemical flavors, colors and scents. They are loaded with preservatives (which is why they will keep for several years on your shelf) and many fillers like inexpensive soy to make up bulk and hike the protein stats on the label.

What is not discussed is how these protein powders and your body interact together. Protein powders made from a low quality protein source which is often overly-processed soy and whey are usually very difficult for your body to digest.  Despite what the numbers say on the label if your body can’t use it then it’s useless to you. Additionally, there are all the additives included in the protein powder that your body has to now deal with. Where does it go? More often then not these additives line your intestines making it even harder for your body to absorb the nutrients that you need and adding excess body weight through expanded intestines. Have you noticed how your tummy grow over the years even when your body fat is in check? This is a sign of toxic build up at work in your body and showing up in a spare tire around your stomach.

Finding the best protein powder means choosing a protein powder that your body can digest. Look for natural proteins from hemp or other vegetable sources.  Look for very few ingredients, only one if possible. No flavoring is always best, then you can add in what you like to have such as berries or bananas. Following these guidelines when choosing your protein powder will speed you along towards reaching your fitness and weight goals much more so than blindly following the magic promises in the next magazine ad you read.