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Multiple Uses Of Acai Berry

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We had such a great response to the guest post on the benefits of acai berry that we thought we’d invite another guest post on the topic with some more specific information. Enjoy!

Right from top celebrities to the guy next door everybody is a fan of acai berry. Suddenly there are hundreds of acai berry products on the market. Such is the craze of this nutritious fruit from the Amazon rainforests. The fact is that the hype is totally justified. This inch-long fruit is a powerhouse of essential nutrition. It is packed with antioxidants, protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Not one or two but it offers several benefits to the human body. To know more click here.

  • When eaten regularly the fiber present in the fruit forms a layer on the inner walls of the colon and removes the toxic waste sticking to the walls of the colon. It is an effective natural colon clean. The fibers also prevent excess absorption of sugar by the colon walls.
  • The antioxidant present in acai berry gives a boost to the metabolism which in turn helps to lose weight. The antioxidants also help to remove the free radicals from the body that are harmful and accelerate aging.
  • You stop craving for food as acai berry is a super food for it contains all the essential nutrition. As the body gets the required nutrition it stops craving for food. This way you can easily maintain a slim body.
  • With a clean colon and increased metabolism you feel more energetic and active throughout the day. It also helps to get a clear and fresh mind. Overall you become more productive at your work place.
  • Acai berry seed oil is one of the key ingredients used in the manufacturing of cosmetic creams. As the oil is rich in antioxidants it helps to maintain soft and beautiful skin.
  • Acai berry is also known to be effective in fighting life threatening diseases like cancer.
  • This wonder fruit if taken regularly also helps to improve the eyesight.  The acai berry weight loss program is the way to go.

Vegan Nutrition – Are You Getting What You Need?

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As a vegan I am often asked whether vegan nutrition is really that much better than following “regular” nutritional guidelines.  The answer is yes… and no.  The truth is that you can be a vegan and still not be eating a truly nutritious diet.   In fact, many vegans tend to load up on carbs and processed vegan foods, which can not only cause weight gain, but can also contribute to other nutrition-related ailments.

On the other hand, if you follow a vegan diet that is balanced and insures that you have covered all the nutritional bases, you will undoubtedly lose weight, lower your blood pressure and keep yourself clear of diabetes. Here are a few guidelines to insure that your vegan nutrition plan has everything it needs:

Vitamin B12 – This is probably the biggest issue for vegans.  Contrary to popular belief, Vitamin B12 is not produced in animals.  It is actually manufactured by microorganisms that live primarily in soil and water.  When animals eat food that is grown in soil containing these microorganisms, they get the B12 and pass it on to the humans who eat them.  Because vegans don’t eat meat, they often develop B12 deficiencies.

There is actually an easy solution to the B12 issue.  You can take a methyl B12 supplement (the most bio-available kind of B12), or you can get your B12 and a boatload of other nutrients from nutritional yeast.  I highly recommend the latter as it is food-based.  In particular, I recommend KAL nutritional yeast.  It is grown on molasses and is completely plant-based.  It has a terrific nutty flavor, and you only need a couple of tablespoonfuls a day.  I throw it in smoothies, in soups, on cereals, and in my salad dressing.  It actually contains the entire compliment of B vitamins.

Vitamin D – As a vegan, you can still eat foods that have been fortified with vitamin D.  If you are very particular, you’ll want to be sure you are taking vitamin D2 rather than D3. D3 comes from the lanolin of sheep and is therefore an animal product.  D2 is synthetic and vegans consider it to be an acceptable alternative.  Unfortunately the research tends to show that D3 is more effective than D2.  Either way, make sure you are taking supplemental vitamin D of some kind, and spending some time in the sun!

Iodine – This one is often overlooked by vegans.  It is critical for thyroid health, reproductive health and it helps to keep your nails and hair strong.  You can get your iodine through iodized salt, but you’re better off using sea salt.  One of the best ways to get iodine is from seaweed.  You can get it from nori-wrapped vegan sushi, or just throw a small amount of kelp powder or dulce flakes on a salad.  It’s delicious and in addition to the iodine, you’ll be getting lots of wonderful minerals.

These three essentials, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and iodine, are all critical for good health.  If you insure that you include these in a diet consists mostly of vegetables, fruits, and legumes, along with a few nuts, seeds and whole grains, your  vegan nutrition will be in great shape and so will you!

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What Is Acai Berry And Does It Truly Work?

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Acai berry is a fruit that is found in the swamps and the jungles of the Southern and Central America. The berries are an inch long and are reddish purple colored. Research has found out that the acai berry is loaded with antioxidants, fiber and many other beneficial vitamins. Being a natural fruit the acai berry diet does not have any side effects. Only if you are allergic to berries then you should first consult your doctor before going ahead with the diet plan.

Let us now see how acai berry helps to lose weight. This super food contains the perfect combination of phytosterols, fatty acids and amino acids. These substances help to boost the digestive system and increase the metabolism of the human body. Furthermore, it also reduces your craving for food as you receive all the nutrition required for the healthy functioning of the body. In addition to this the presence of fiber helps to keep the colon clean as fiber helps to remove all the waste that is stuck to the colon walls. This leaves you feeling fresh and energetic.  As a whole food strategy, acai berry weight loss is a proven way to help.

On top of this the presence of the antioxidants helps to destroy the toxins that can lead to life threatening diseases like cancer. Acai berry is also known to improve the eyesight and the overall immunity of the body. Though these benefits have not been proved scientifically there is no doubt that the acai berry is a super food that can help you to not only lose weight but also improve the overall health.

To make the maximum out of the acai berry diet combine a healthy diet and a mild exercise regime. You do not have to go to a gym to pump weights. All you need to do is go for a brisk walk in the park. This can accelerate the process of weight loss.

We here at the UnDiet wanted to add to our guest’s post with a few acai berry recipes so that you can start enjoying the weight loss and anti-aging benefits of this highly nutritious fruit.

Incredible Smoothies has some delicious and very healthy acai berry smoothie recipes that use nothing but whole foods. No hard to find powders and elixirs.  Be sure to check out their tips for coming up with your own recipes.

Vegetarian Times – Acai Sorbet recipe – yum!

So get yourself some acai, whip up some of these recipes and start enjoying the many benefits of this South American berry.