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20 Ready to Go Healthy Snacks

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Redefine what a snack means to you. A snack is something that satisfies that “I just need a little something” voice inside. It could be as unimaginative as raw veggie sticks or traveling a few rungs up the indulgence ladder to a mix of dried fruit with or with nuts and seeds.

Try to make your snacks something that will really give you a weight loss boost rather than something that’s high fat,¬†high calorie, or on the UnDiet borderline.

To that end here are some things you can pick up at pretty much any grocery store that are a good idea to have on hand for the next time a snack attack hits.

  1. veggie sticks
  2. fruit
  3. nuts
  4. whole grain cereal
  5. whole wheat pretzels
  6. whole wheat toast with peanut butter
  7. Laughing Cow Cheese wedges to spread on apple slices, protein bread, celery sticks …
  8. boxed soups
  9. mini whole wheat pita stuffed with chopped salad
  10. refined sugar free yogurt
  11. spread a little mustard on thinly sliced turkey, ham, corned beef, pastrami, roast beef … roll and eat
  12. dill pickles
  13. pickled vegetables
  14. whole grain crackers
  15. popcorn
  16. Amy’s Organics crackers
  17. Amy’s Organics cookies
  18. roasted plantain chips
  19. dried kale
  20. hard boiled egg