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Skating: More Than Just a Pastime

We’ve recently discovered roller skating and inline skating here at the UnDiet and are having a blast using it as a new form of cardio, so when a reader asked to submit an article on the benefits of roller skating we said “sure, have at it”.

Roller skating has lost its thrill as a pastime. People roller skate for fun group activities or dates, but few people roller skate for leisure, transportation, or even exercise. Its perception as being “out of date” overshadows the many benefits of roller skating.

What Benefits Does Roller Skating Have?

The major benefit of roller skating is exercise! Roller skating gives you anequivalentworkout to jogging or even biking! It is primarily an aerobic workout that targets almost all of the body’s muscles including: the heart, arms, quads, glutes, abs, you name it. Because it’s an aerobic workout you can burn many calories depending the speed and effort that you put into; however, on average, if you spend an hour just skating at a moderate pace, you can burn about 330 calories. The best part about it is that it causes 50% less impact on your joints than running! No more achy knees!

Why Choose Roller Skating For Exercise?

It’s fun! If running sounds like extreme boredom, roller skating might be your thing. If you choose to roller skate at a rink you can enjoy the music, people, and lights. What can be more fun than that? Or you can skate along a path at a park, down the sidewalks in the city – anywhere that provides a paved surface. Make it even more fun by making a game out of it; invite other people to play a game of tag, start a race, or just enjoy the company. The great part about exercise is it boosts your mood and your energy, so even if it doesn’t sound all that great to start with, you’ll be loving it by the time you finish.

With roller skating, the cardio aspect of exercise is all taken care of, so if you’re looking for a way to increase your strength, check out these options at Whatever you choose, you’ll be loving your new lifestyle that will make you look and feel great.

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