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Trans Fats Linked to Depression

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It’s not a secret that obesity can lead to more serious ailments such as heart attacks, developing diabetes and contracting some types of cancers, which is why America has been obsessed with finding ways to lose belly fat. But recent studies show that obesity can also affect our mental health.

According to a study conducted among 12,000 Spanish university graduates in the course of six years time, students who consumed more trans fats than their peers were at a greater risk of being diagnosed with depression.

Trans fat, commonly found in junk food has been found to raise one’s level of bad cholesterol which makes it one of the primary causes for an increase in numbers of coronary heart disease. In fact in a previous study it was estimated that trans fats caused more than 20,000 deaths in a year in the US alone from heart disease.

And this could be where a vicious cycle of depression and living an unhealthy lifestyle may form. Dr. Valerie Taylor, mental health lead at the Canadian Obesity Network and assistant professor at St. Joseph’s Healthcare cites that those who are sickly will likely be depressed and those who are depressed similarly care less about their health.

All over the world, depression affects an estimated 151 million people with bad eating habits cited as one of the factors that might have caused or contributed to the depression. Given this, health experts such as Dr. Miguel Angel Martinez-Gonzalez, professor of preventive medicine at Spain’s University of Navarra and co-author of the study mentioned above suggests that including a healthy dose of olive oil and Omega-3 – also considered as fat burning foods – in your diet can help negate the effects of trans fats.

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The Rundown on the Benefits of Sublingual B12

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Vitamin b12 plays an integral role in our central nervous system and in our metabolism and is considered the most important component of the vitamin b complex family. If a person is lacking in this key vitamin, health care experts recommend the use of b12 supplements to nourish the body and bring back lost nutrients. Several modalities of b12 supplements have been introduced to the public which include the tablet or the liquid sublingual b vitamins, that are fast gaining popularity as they are both affordable and effective. They are strategically placed under the tongue for faster absorption and assimilation. More information can be viewed at

To provide you with a broader understanding as to how sublingual b12 vitamins benefits you.

Absorption – one of the biggest factor why sublingual-b12 is most advised by physicians is due to the fact that they are absorbed faster by the body by placing a lozenge or a few doses of liquid vitamin b12 directly under the tongue which instantly takes the nutrients to our blood vessels. Though a brief look at sublingual b12 vs injections would show that the latter is much easier absorbed by the body, it is often too costly and can only be administered by a medical professional.

Retention – the sublingual way of taking vitamin b12 allows for more nutrient retention in the body as compared to the conventional oral pills. Through the sublingual modality, the nutrient easily passes through the blood stream instead of going into the digestive tracts which could reduce the potency of the b12 vitamin.

Cardiovascular health – vitamin b12, in general, has the unique ability to reduce a kind of amino acid called homocystein that damages the arteries, accumulates cholesterol and thus increasing the risk of contracting a heart disease.

Memory power – the sublingual-b12 is also used to enhance brain memory, thus college students have long relied on this supplement to enhance their thought clarity and recall.

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Keep Your Workout on Point with a Wrist Heart Rate Monitor

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A wrist heart rate monitor is more than a toy for gadget freaks. Used properly, you can get more out of your average workout than you possibly could without the aid of such a device. A heart rate monitor lets you know when you need to push yourself harder or ease up on your exercise with real time feedback.

The operational design of a wrist heart rate monitor is pretty straightforward. Most models take a wireless transmission of your heart rate information from a chest strap (though some models, like the ones in the Mio watch line, have a sensor in the watch band), and compare this to the maximum heart rate prescribed for your age group. If your heart rate goes over or under a certain percentage of the prescribed heart rate (determined by entering your date of birth), the heart rate monitor watch will beep until you bring your heart rate back into the target zone. For a workout of moderate intensity, you can set the zone between 60% and 75% of your maximum heart rate, for instance.

Some of the higher end watches, like Polar F11, have even more features. Perhaps the most significant is the ability to connect the watch to a computer and transfer information recorded by the device to the Web. Most heart rate monitor (HRM) watch manufacturers have their own sites dedicated to user fitness tracking. Once you have your workout stats up on the website, you can review the effectiveness of you exercise habits and make more informed adjustments to your regimen.

Another feature of advanced watches is the ability to accept signals from coded transmitters, which prevent interference from other transmitters used by other HRM watch users. This might not seem like a critical feature, but if anyone you works out in a crowded gym, there’s a high likelihood of encountering interference. If you work out alone, you probably won’t need this feature; but the computer connectivity will still be of great value.

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Lose Weight Safely with Skinny Fiber

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Many people look for weight loss products that will help them lose weight the quickest. However, one important factor they should not overlook is the safety of the product. Many products contain artificial ingredients which may be harmful to the human body. Skinny Fiber is a new weight loss solution that contains only natural ingredients which have been proven to help weight loss. The main active component is fiber which is vital to reducing body fat and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Fiber is usually found in fruit, vegetables, tree extracts and seeds and Skinny Fiber encapsulates these ingredients so that you will not have to waste time consuming them one by one.

When you consume less calories, you lose weight. One way to lose weight is to make yourself feel full so that you eat less. Skinny Fiber follows this principle by making you feel fuller so that you will have a lower appetite and crave less unhealthy snacks. When you do not have cravings, you tend not to eat. There is no need for strenuous exercise or starving yourself to lose weight. Fiber has this natural effect but along with this it also helps to boost your metabolism and helps to cleanse your system.

Skinny Fiber has several benefits. First and foremost, it can improve the absorption rate of minerals and vitamins from foods in your everyday diet. Skinny Fiber can also help you to burn fat quickly by breaking down fat so that your body can burn it quicker than normal. Blood sugar imbalances will be improved and you will notice a difference instantly because is a common cause of hard weight loss. Many weight loss products claim to give you rapid weight loss, however the cost of this may be to your long term health. Skinny Fiber offers a way to safely lose weight without harming your body or giving long term side effects.