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The Rundown on the Benefits of Sublingual B12

Vitamin b12 plays an integral role in our central nervous system and in our metabolism and is considered the most important component of the vitamin b complex family. If a person is lacking in this key vitamin, health care experts recommend the use of b12 supplements to nourish the body and bring back lost nutrients. Several modalities of b12 supplements have been introduced to the public which include the tablet or the liquid sublingual b vitamins, that are fast gaining popularity as they are both affordable and effective. They are strategically placed under the tongue for faster absorption and assimilation. More information can be viewed at

To provide you with a broader understanding as to how sublingual b12 vitamins benefits you.

Absorption – one of the biggest factor why sublingual-b12 is most advised by physicians is due to the fact that they are absorbed faster by the body by placing a lozenge or a few doses of liquid vitamin b12 directly under the tongue which instantly takes the nutrients to our blood vessels. Though a brief look at sublingual b12 vs injections would show that the latter is much easier absorbed by the body, it is often too costly and can only be administered by a medical professional.

Retention – the sublingual way of taking vitamin b12 allows for more nutrient retention in the body as compared to the conventional oral pills. Through the sublingual modality, the nutrient easily passes through the blood stream instead of going into the digestive tracts which could reduce the potency of the b12 vitamin.

Cardiovascular health – vitamin b12, in general, has the unique ability to reduce a kind of amino acid called homocystein that damages the arteries, accumulates cholesterol and thus increasing the risk of contracting a heart disease.

Memory power – the sublingual-b12 is also used to enhance brain memory, thus college students have long relied on this supplement to enhance their thought clarity and recall.

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