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Eating More Greens to Improve Your Health

We’re working hard on getting our new book “The UnDiet – 2 Weeks of Extremely Low Carb Menus & Recipes” out on Kindle and so we are very pleased that this guest poster has offered to share these delicious fruit smoothie recipes packed with “green power”.



Getting more vegetables and green foods specifically into your diet has a wide host of health benefits. These plants can improve all aspects of your life, including cardiovascular and weight loss advantages. Whatever challenges you face in your life, there is no doubt that more greens can help you meet those obstacles.

First off, any kind of green you eat is beneficial because of the chlorophyll present. As you probably know, chlorophyll is the substance in plants that makes them look green, and it is responsible for carrying out the process of photosynthesis, which creates energy for plants in the form of glucose. Interestingly enough, chlorophyll is extremely similar to hemoglobin, which carries oxygen through the human body. The two molecules are virtually identical, except that there is a magnesium atom in the center of the chlorophyll, and an iron in the center of the hemoglobin. It is extremely incredible how they are so similar, and the phenomenon is evidence of the intimate relationship between man and plant.

The point of that little science lesson was to demonstrate the importance of consuming green foods. They flood the system with chlorophyll, the constituents of which can be used to improve the quality of the blood. Since the blood is such a critical aspect of our bodies, having healthy blood usually leads to health in other areas. Chlorophyll has also been shown to have potent antibacterial and energy producing properties, and is a superfood in its own right. Yet this molecule is just one of the many reasons to consume green foods.

All green foods contain many other phytonutrients which act as antioxidants, eliminating free radicals and decreasing the rate of aging. Antioxidants also help prevent cancer, which is why foods like spinach and broccoli are recommended as anticancer foods. There are also many of the common vitamins found in foods like these. For example, spinach is very high in both Vitamin A and Vitamin C, as well as a vegetarian source of iron. Of course, there is also magnesium in all green foods, as it is present in the chlorophyll.

Getting more green foods into your life is not as hard as it seems. Besides simply making a conscious choice to purchase more at the grocery store, there are also shortcuts of sorts. You can get green drink mixes that integrate many different plants into the formula, and these products enable you to get many servings of vegetables in a single drink. Enzymes and probiotics are also featured in green drinks, so there is no shortage of benefits to drinking them. You can also purchase a juicer and make your own green drinks in your home, and both routes are equally acceptable for getting more plant nutrients on a daily basis.

For a quick start on upping your greens intake, here are two great and simple recipes to try out.

Hemp Power Salad


1/2 cup spinach

1/2 cup kale

1/4 cup almonds

3 tablespoons hemp seed

1 tablespoon hemp seed oil

Mix all ingredients together for a raw salad that is jam-packed with vitamins, minerals, protein, Omega-3, and fiber. You cannot get better than a salad like this. And if you want your greens meals to taste even sweeter, then the next recipe will be even better.

Ultimate Antioxidant Shake


1 cup spinach

1 cup blueberries

1 cup almond milk

3 tablespoons

Chocolate Hemp Shake powder (or any good quality chocolate protein  powder)

4 ice cubes

Mix all ingredients in a blender, pushing down the spinach as necessary to make sure it is properly pulverized. Both spinach and blueberries are respective superfoods in their vegetable/fruit categories, and the cocao in the HempShake powder compliments the protein with even more powerful antioxidants. Fitting both of these recipes into your day will ensure complete nutrition.

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