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An Easy Green Tea Diet For Weight Loss

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As obesity is becoming a larger problem than ever people are looking for a way to lose weight. There are many diets out there that range from ridiculous to outright dangerous. People are relying more and more on weight loss supplements and they are not focusing on their diets, which should be their main priority. I am a personal trainer and lots of people come to seek my help after years and year of trying different supplements and crazy diets. First I always put them on my green tea diet, which works wonders with especially obese people.  It restores your metabolism and improves your insulin sensitivity and increases lipolysis (the break down of fat cells) and thermogenesis (heat production). At the same time they start a weight training routine, which is actually more beneficial than cardiovascular training when it comes to fat burning.

The diet is actually quite simple, so there are no little rules to remember. First of all you need to eat every time you feel hungry and you must always eat enough so you feel full. That differs from a lot of diets which basically make you starve to death. Every meal consists of meat and green veggies. You can use various types of meats: beef, pork, turkey, chicken, fish, buffalo and so on. There are also a lot of good green veggies available like cucumber, salad, broccoli, asparagus…  Well, everything that is green is bound to be good to you. Just don’t eat green fruits, because they have high sugar content. With every meal you should drink a cup of green tea, because it is a very good source of healthy nutrients. It is going to increase fat burning and it is going to keep those cravings away so you have an easier time dieting. It is as simple as that. You can expect to see great results after two or three weeks of dieting.