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In an Internet culture where link posting is pitifully indiscriminate The UnDiet wants you to know that the links on this page are carefully researched and only posted if deemed to be helpful or otherwise of interest to you, the discerning UnDieter. We routinely decline to trade links with sites seeking to post their links when we find that their site does not meet our specific requirements.

Annie Chun’s traditional Japanese udon soup bowls are all-natural, vegetarian, contain no MSG or preservatives.
They cook in just one minute and are packed in an Earth-friendly biodegradable bowl. Product of the USA.

Annie’s Homegrown has a wonderful variety of prepackaged meals, snacks, desserts, kid-friendly meals … Everything I’ve tried from Annie’s has been delicious.

Dixie Diner Summer fun can leave less time to prepare healthy and UnDiet conscious meals and this incredible site is packed full of completely healthy, and meat-free prepackaged meals. You’ll be amazed at what you can buy here! Take a cruise through the products pages just to experience a drop-your-jaw moment. One word of caution: they have a product called Trutina which says it has no bitter taste, and sorry to say – it’s not true. Check out the review below for Soy Rocks.

Soy Rocks: taste great, although have that slightly bitter taste from the Trutina sweetener (similar taste to Sweet ‘N Low). Although I’ve found that when I use these rocks with other foods the bitter taste is hidden. For instance I stirred them into a pudding and let it sit in the fridge overnight. The next day I had a delicious fudgy cake – the Soy Rocks had absorbed the moisture from the pudding.

Ethnic Grocer offers more than 20,000 ethnic food products. Also recipes for light versions of many favorite ethnic dishes.

Good Baker What can I say about the Good Baker dessert and pancake mixes except WOW! I can’t remember the last time I was this impressed with a food product. All of their products are low fat, cholesterol-free, with mostly organic ingredients, whole grain organic flours including whole soy flour. All ingredients comply with UnDiet guidelines including the organic evaporated cane juice used to sweeten their mixes. These mixes couldn’t be any easier to prepare, just add water and oil, pour in the pan and pop in the oven. Thirty minutes later – YUMMY chocolately delicious brownies. Note: the natural sugar used in this mix does raise your insulin level so you should only indulge in these goodies occasionally while in weight loss and not too frequently when in maintenance.

Hickory Farms has wonderful cheeses and meats. Take advantage of their free shipping to experiment with some new flavors or rediscover your old favorites. Send a dieting friend a fruit basket or a high protein dieter a beef and cheese basket.

Indian Harvest has the finest rice, grains and beans available to chefs – and now available to consumers! Their gourmet offerings include soups, salads, olive oil, chutneys, cookbooks, kitchenware, and samplers.

Kalyx Foods – natural and organic herbs, foods, spices, coffees & teas.

La Tortilla whole wheat, oat-fiber, fat-free tortilla that is only 3 carbs per tortilla (if you care about such things). You can order these on-line (or call 1-800-446-1516) by the case (they do freeze well) or most supermarkets carry this brand. If you’ve tried regular white flour fat-free tortillas & didn’t like them, try these. They taste much better.

Miss Roben’s foods for those allergic to wheat, gluten, & dairy; also many egg-free foods. Read ingredient lists carefully; many contain white rice powder (an UnDiet no-no), cornstarch (which I caution you to use infrequently) & some do contain dairy. Their product list is too extensive to go through here but I did go over the bread products & the Potato Bread Mix & Mock Rye Bread are good UnDiet breads. All the pastas except for those with sauces are good choices. They also have a Soft Pretzel Mix (under Pizza Pie Crust & More) that looks terrific! All of the cookie mixes contain refined sugar – alas, it isn’t a perfect world. UPDATE: as of January 29th, 2013 we could no longer find Miss Roben’s online. If any of our readers can give us the 411 on them please let us know in the Comments section.

Nature’s Path is a good resource for healthy, whole grain baking mixes, breakfast foods, snacks …

Rocky Mountain Organic Meats cattle are raised on natural grains and grasses, without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics, and are certified by the American Health Association. “Many of our customers tell us that Rocky Mountain meats tastes the way meat used to, full of flavor and clean.” is your source for fresh and frozen Seafood delivered overnight to your door. Choose from over 1,400 varieties of seafood including tuna, live lobster, shrimp, Mahi Mahi, crab and more. Whether you’re two or two hundred, you’ll love their fresh products and fast delivery. Now you have no excuse not to enjoy a backyard clambake.

Sunspire, finally a source for grain-sweetened chocolate chips!  They also have a wide variety of other hard-to-find ingredients. Check them out, you’ll be glad you did. Oh and don’t leave their site without putting a bag of their Sundrops in your cart. You  will not be sorry – promise.

The Natural Pantry Soymage Parmesan Cheese Alternative, Veggie Gravy Mixes, Ethnic Entrees, Nutritional Yeast Flakes, Egg & Cheese Substitutes, Milk Alternatives (soy-free), Vegetarian Broth & Gravy Mixes, Ethnic Entrees, Entree & Side Dish Mixes (Rice & Pasta, Stuffed Potatoes, Couscous, Polenta – Dinner-Size & Single Serving Cups), Soup Mixes (Dinner-Size & Single Serving Cups), Dried Mushrooms, Sodium-Free Sauces, Salad Dressings, Anchovy-Free Worchestershire Sauce, Organic Baking Mixes, Hot Cereals, Organic Chocolate, Cookie & Pudding Mixes, Broccoli Sprout Seeds & Sprouting Kits, Mori-Nu Tofu Instant Pudding & Pie Mixes. They’re working on setting up an on-line shopping cart, but until then you can go to the site to compile your shopping list, then call 1-800-695-2241 to order.



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