Using Long-term Storage Beans Instead of Oil and Butter

You can’t bake without 0il and butter – right? Most cookie and cake recipes require some oil or butter and while that’s okay, the fact is that oil and butter, when used in excess, can be a cause of high cholesterol and can add more calories to your diet as well.

What can be substituted for oil and butter that does not have the same high cholesterol – high calorie effect? You can use pureed bananas, pumpkins or applesauce in your baked goods but they do impart their own unique flavors. What low calorie food could you use that won’t change the flavor of your favorite chocolate cake recipe? Well, I’m here to tell you about how the long-term food storage beans in your pantry can be a wonderful substitute for oil and butter. If you think this is unbelievable, you will just have to try it out for yourself. Now, you can definitely find a use for that huge bag of beans that you have recently gotten.

Here are some useful tips for oil and butter substitution:

1.     Substitute oil for bean puree on a 1:1 ratio. Bean puree is simply beans that have been put in the blender and pureed.

2.     Substitute drained cooked beans for butter.

3.     Use a 1:1 ratio when employing beans as substitute for oil and butter.

4.     Use the beans exactly how oil and butter are supposed to be used in your recipe.

While using beans as an oil and butter substitute may seem a bit far-fetched to you, I guarantee that it really works. Go ahead and try it, and you will definitely be amazed at the difference, or rather, the lack of difference. If you want to also check out other ways where you can use other food storage items, then you can click this link: twitter – daily bread food storage.

UnDiet Note: the tips in this article are geared towards baking rather than grilling or sauteing. We’ve tried this method with great success in chocolate chip cookies and brownies 🙂

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