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Twenty Tips to Getting Skinny Fast

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If you have a goal in mind such as getting a bikini ready body, looking great in an evening dress for a holiday party or you just want to lose weight to feel healthier, then you’ve probably Googled “getting skinny fast”, scoured the Internet for weight loss tips from the last celebrity who lost 10 pounds fast or you’ve tried a Master Cleanse or other juice fast diet. If instead of following the latest weight loss craze you committed to finding a method that works for your lifestyle and personal preferences than you would start to become your own weight loss success story. While the tips below aren’t “The Best Way To Lose Weight Fast” hopefully they will give you some ideas that you can incorporate into your own life to help you reach your weight loss and health goals.

  1. Eat more meals, not fewer. Instead of skipping breakfast and sipping a cup of soup for lunch only to be famished by dinner which tends to give you license to have a “treat” since you ate so well all day, try eating five to six small meals throughout the day. Figure out your ideal calorie intake and divide that out between breakfast, lunch, dinner and two to three snacks.
  2. If you can’t do a long workout on a particular day, then aim to increase the intensity.
  3. Increase the intensity of your regular workouts in short spurts. Do your normal pace for five minutes, then a slightly increased pace for one minute, then back to your normal pace, then an even more slightly increased pace for one minute. Continue this patter until you’ve completed your workout.
  4. Look for fun ways to work out. If you’re social, trade your weekly dinner with a friend for a long walk & coffee; if you’re competitive, join a team; if you love the outdoors, scrap your gym workout for a hike – well you get the idea. If you’re having fun working out, then you’ll stick with it, maybe even adding more workouts to your week. Wouldn’t that be lovely!
  5. If you find it difficult to not have an after dinner snack then aim to make it a fresh fruit or veggie.
  6. Don’t avoid carbs – you need them for energy. Just make sure they are good-for-you carbs such as whole grains, beans, fresh vegetables and fruit.
  7. Omega 3 fatty acids are very important for your body – don’t eliminate fats completely, just make sure that the fats and oils you consume are of the healthy variety.
  8. Protein will fill you up and give you energy, so don’t avoid it, just be smart about it. Choose lean proteins and serve them with lots of veggies.
  9. Flavor your water with a healthy drink powder or fresh citrus juices such as lemon, lime or grapefruit. Not only will this help to keep you hydrated, it will give you something to do with your hands and mouth if you tend to eat when you’re bored, but also lemon juice helps your digestion to perform more effeciently, eliminating waste more quickly and can even relieve constipation.
  10. Add strength training to your workout routine. You’ll feel better, look better, and burn more calories throughout your day just resting.
  11. When weight training, make sure to give your body a day of rest in between workouts. If you want to workout every day you can choose to do upper body one day and lower body the following day.
  12. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Many times when you think you’re hungry you’re actually thirsty. Next time you’re hit with a craving or feel like you’re starving drink a large glass of water first and see if that takes care of things.
  13. Think of your diet as a lifestyle change, not as a temporary thing. If something isn’t working for you, rather than tough it out, look for other things that will work for you that you can live with.
  14. If you can eliminate alcohol entirely, more power to you, but for those who enjoy a drink now and then, make sure that one or two drinks aren’t the calorie equivelent of an entire meal. Look for low calorie substitutes for your favorite alcohol drinks.
  15. Make sure to eat a nutritionally balanced diet or your body can rebel causing you to crave the things its not getting. Thirst can feel like hunger (drink more water), a craving for fat can point you towards a cheesecake binge …
  16. Avoid empty calories in sugary drinks like soda & juice. Substitute plain water, flavored water and diet drinks for these sugared beverages whenever possible.
  17. If motivation is a problem for you then look for ways to support your weight loss efforts such as a walking club, a friend you meet at the gym, joining a sports team …
  18. Look for low calorie or healthier substitutes for your favorite high calorie foods.
  19. When you find yourself turning to food for comfort, out of boredom or for reasons that have nothing to do with being hungry, pay attention. Stop. Ask yourself why you’re eating and if anything else will help other than food. Now to be realistic, you may not be able to to do this in the moment, but later, stop and take a look at your choices and see if you can substitute healthier behaviors than eating yourself away from your goal.
  20. Look for ways to add calorie burners to your day. We all know the basics, park further away from your destination, take the stairs instead of the elevator but here are some ideas you may not have thought of:
  • walk to your co-workers desk instead of sending an email or using the inter-office mail service
  • when at the park with your kids keep moving, either playing with them or walking the perimeter of the play area or bring stretch tubing and do a strength training session
  • do leg lifts while brushing your teeth or blow drying your hair
  • do squats over the toilet instead of sitting down
  • walk in place or around the room while talking on the phone
  • when driving, pull your navel towards your spine and/or clench your buttocks
  • use a back pack or bicycle saddlebags so that you can do errands on your bicycle instead of in your car
  • use a bicycle sidecar to take your little one to school or on errands with you

Fun Weight Loss Tips

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Who said that losing weight can’t be fun?  There are many different things you can do to enhance the time you spend trying to lose weight and become more active and healthy.  I’ll try to cover some more unique weight loss tips instead of the ones you have heard before.

My number one tip to get more active is to try geocaching.  If you are anything like me, the thought of mindlessly doing cardio at the gym, whether it is an aerobics class or a treadmill is terrible.  Even when I try to do it and watch television or read, I still can’t keep it going for long.  Geocaching makes outdoor exercise fun, and all you need is an inexpensive GPS system.   Basically it makes an ordinary trail walk or hike into an awesome treasure hunt which truly makes things exciting!  You can find really cool caches and great views, and even make some own yourself.

Another tip to make losing weight fun is to try and cook one awesome meal per week.  Incorporate different fat burning foods from around the world through use of different spices.  Spicy food is known to speed up your metabolism while you are in the digestive process.  So make it a treat for your family, friends, or coworkers and start up a great tradition.  You will look forward to your healthy cooking because of the different cultural foods you can experience.  Plus, you can always make extra and freeze them for multiple dinners or lunches.

Lastly, I am a big fan of setting goals.  For every ten pounds I lose I like to reward myself with a treat, and this treat is NEVER food.  One time though, the treat was a cooking demonstration/class but it was focused on healthy eating, not overindulgence.  After the weight is off you can treat yourself for other maintaining goals such as going to the gym consistently all month, or keeping your goal weight for 6 months, or successfully completing a marathon!


Side Effects of Using HCG for Weight Loss

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The use of HCG (human chorionic gonadoropin) for weight loss seems rather extreme. The basic procedure is to take a series of HCG injections while following a very specific and very low calorie diet. Following this procedure exactly results in the lose of adipose fat to the tune of about 1 pound per day. Anyone looking on this procedure from the outside would say that it sound pretty extreme. I suppose that it is extreme, but the weight loss is also very extreme, which is wonderful to say the least. So a weight loss method as extreme as this must have some pretty serious side effects, right? Nope – you could not be more wrong!

Compared to other extreme weight loss methods, the use of HCG injections is very safe. There is none of the liver and heart damage associated with appetite reducing drugs. There is no surgery as in stomach stapling or stomach band operations. There is no potential kidney or liver damage as found in some high protein diets. It simply works.

So what are some of the side effects?

Nothing life threatening, but when the protocol is first started there is the potential for headaches and some irritability and restlessness. This is really due to the changes in the composition of your new diet and not so much from the HCG hormone itself. Some people, due to the low calorie diet, also feel some hunger or at the very least, a certain ’emptiness.’ This usually passes by the 2nd week and is virtually non-existent for the rest of the procedure. Other effects that can be felt are changes in blood pressure (lowered … usually a good effect), changes in blood sugar level (lowered … again, usually good) and of course a serious drop in body weight.

This diet, while extreme in its results, is not dangerous and when compared to other weight loss methods, is extremely safe. Most who attempt the HCG protocol are willing to put up with a little restlessness for the wonderful results that occur so quickly.

Healthy Products Tips

Greater Weight Loss Success With Healthy Snacks

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There are many things you can do to increase your chances of losing weight and keeping the weight off. These range from free to very expensive, from easy to extremely difficult. Some of the easiest and cheapest aids are healthy snacks for weight loss.

You may not think that buying snacks is going to help your weight loss progress much, but that depends on the kind of person you are. If you’re the kind of person who’s never really been bothered by chocolate bars, packets of chips, popcorn, etc. then you don’t really need to be looking into healthy snacks. You can stick to a healthy weight loss diet and slim your body down to your ideal weight without problem.

But, on the other hand, if you’re the kind of person who likes an occasional snack – and to be honest I think most of us fall into this category – then the chances are that you’ve been frustrated by your diet. You may not want to guzzle packets of chips all day long (I should hope you don’t; even healthy snacks aren’t good if consumed to excess) but there are those occasional times when you really fancy a packet. If you can just reach into your cupboard and take out a bag of low fat chips then it’s not at all an issue. But if you just try to deny yourself, this passing fancy is likely to grow into something more severe, and pretty soon your diet will make you miserable.

Spending a few dollars to buy low fat popcorn is no big deal, but it can really help to keep you motivated and focused on your healthy diet. You’ll be able to keep thinking of the body you’ll soon have, rather than being plagued by thoughts of all the tasty treats you’re having to deny yourself.

And with this peace of mind and focus will come greater weight loss success.

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Knowing When to Take Protein Powder for Best Results

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Protein powder is popular among people who want to lose weight. It is available in the market and it is very easy to prepare. Just mix with water or fruit juice and you are good to go. However, for best results, here are some pointers on when to take protein powder.

Protein powder is best taken immediately after workout. It helps in recovery after a strenuous muscle activity, as our body needs raw materials after exercise to help rebuild muscles. If there is a lack of raw materials, our body will break down muscles from a different place so that the body can reconstruct the damaged muscles. However, an hour after working, our body has already settled down so the tendency is our body will ask for more. We can take another 20-30 grams of protein to help speed up muscle rebuilding. it is not recommended to take before working out.

You can also take protein powder first thing in the morning. Since the body has not taken anything for around six to eight hours straight, it needs nutrients to recover. One good thing about protein powder is that the body absorbs it more quickly than solid food so it recovers the muscles much faster. Nevertheless, it is still advisable to eat breakfast after taking protein powder for more nutrients for the body. For more convenience, we can take protein powder with our regular meals.

When we are sleeping, our body still needs nutrients for the next six to eight hours. To supplement this, it is good to take protein powder before going to sleep. We can mix whey protein with casein protein, which makes the absorption slower. It would be sufficient at the course of the night while we are not eating anything. We can enjoy the mixture of protein powder with warm milk not only for a good night sleep but for a healthy body, too.

If you are really focusing on building and toning muscles, it is not wrong to take protein powder in the middle of the night. This is what most of the bodybuilders do for continuous supply of protein in the body. However, it is not required. If you cannot wake up in the middle of the night, you can still take protein powder first thing when you wake up.

With all of these suggestions, we must make sure to regulate protein powder intake to avoid kidney problems. However, it is easy to know when to take protein powder because we can already make it a part of our lifestyle. We can arrive into our desired outcome in the most convenient way.

Lastly, make sure to check out TweakFit fitness blog for more tips on how to lose weight.


Weight Loss Patches Reviews: Do They Work?

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In today’s world we see many people suffering from obesity and hence the products for weight loss have seen great success. People, who are obese, find shortcuts to reduce weight and so diet pills, weight loss patches have been the order of the day.

Weight loss patches are fantastic small patches that are placed on a smooth part of your skin such as the arm or leg. These patches contain herbal medicines such as guarana, hoodia and chromium which are released directly into your blood stream. Guarana is a stimulant that burns the fat while chromium helps in regulating the insulin levels. These patches claim that the metabolic rate can be increased, burns fat faster and helps in suppressing your diet. But how far is all this true is the question that has to be answered.

The ingredients that are mentioned above may bring out actual results on weight loss, but this alone is not sufficient enough for the weight loss patch to guarantee that the tool will surely be advantageous for people who want to lose weight. If there is no change in the lifestyle and the diet of the person then the patch is useless.

The US Federal Trade Commission had conducted weight loss patches reviews on two brands of weight loss patches which are distributed in the market. It was found that the manufacturers of these patches gave false claims. According to the FTC, the manufacturers of these patches have deceived their customers on the merits of their products by running false advertisements through media.

After the weight loss patches reviews by the FTC, the other websites just followed them. Some reviews proved that these products are not effective in losing weight.

Weight loss patches reviews are available in plenty if you go online. You need to go through all the reviews by those who have used this product before and understand if this product has really worked effectively. That could be one of the best ways to judge the effectiveness of the product. These reviews are honest opinion published by the users of such products.  Companies that offer a money back guarantee are often the most reputable.  Remember that there are no shortcuts to a healthy lifestyle.


Are There Any HCG Diet Dangers?

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Without a doubt there are a multitude of diets available to anyone wishing to lose weight.  Most of these diets have one or two side effects that need to be considered before continuing.  The same can be said of the HCG Diet.  There are a few precautions that must be understood before plunging in and losing a lot of weight.

Pregnant Women

HCG is a hormone produced by the female body during pregnancy.  Typically the level of HCG will increase throughout the pregnancy term.  Therefore it is usually not advisable for pregnant women to take HCG injections.

Underage Dieters

The HCG injections or drops are also not recommended for people under the age of 18.  HCG can produce progesterone in the body.  If this occurs in a young person it could interfere with their physical development as they mature.

Basic Side Effects

Since the HCG diet recommends a strict daily intake of only 500 calories some people experience headaches or fatigue.  These symptoms typically do not last very long.

Some of the newer proponents of the HCG diet suggest taking a supplement during the dieting phase.  However, most of the problems people have experienced during the HCG diet are due to the supplements, not the HCG.  People that have followed Dr. Simeon’s plan to the letter typically do not encounter any problems since they are not adding supplements to their dieting.

Other people have observed that their bodies get colder much easier.

This is one reason it is so important for people to follow and use the recommended HCG diet recipes.  By eating the exact amount of food and liquids most dieters can avoid these types of side effects.


For the majority of people, a realistic long term goal is the real purpose behind the diet.  Following the HCG plan is a great way to kick off a new healthy lifestyle.  Most people that stick with the program and follow the exact guidelines have witnessed significant weight loss that range from half a pound and up per day.  Since the general diet usually lasts for 26 days, this means that people can experience a loss of 13 pounds or more though the use of this plan.  Anyone wishing to lose a lot of weight over an extended amount of time could use this quick success as motivation to adopt a new way of eating and exercising.


A Diet And Exercise Program for Cellulite Removal

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It can be very frustrating for women when they try several so called “miracle” cellulite cures only to be disappointed by the results. As cellulite can affect up to 90 per cent of women, the anti cellulite treatment industry is a huge money earner and there is many bogus claims out there surrounding hundreds of different products.

The reality is that diet and exercise still remains the best way to get rid of cellulite. But it is human nature for people to want a quick solution that they are willing to spend hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars on snake oil products that have slick marketing. A diet and exercise program should take about 8 weeks for you to see its effects and this means you need to be prepared to work at it and stay committed for the long haul.

The diet component of an anti cellulite plan doesn’t need to be anything strenuous. The aim is to remove foods from your diet that increase the toxins that cause the fat cells to clump together. This means you need to limit the amount of processed foods that you consume and stay off the alcohol and sweets.

Exercise is more than just hitting the treadmill for half an hour. In order to tighten up the problem areas, you need to do a large amount of weight training. The weights will tone up your cellulite and make your legs and hips more shapely and smooth. You should still do cardio exercise in order to burn off the thin layer of cellulite fat and its best to use those exercises that work the legs such as stair steppers, stationary bikes and the treadmill.

For most women, diet and exercise can make significant in roads into their cellulite. However, some may still need a quality anti cellulite cream in order to see good results. A cream can be applied twice a day and after exercise.

Recipes Staying Young The Zone Tips

Explaining the Jennifer Anniston Diet Plan: Why It’s Better!

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We all have been fans of Hollywood celebrities that manage to keep fit and look good every time the camera catches up with them, whether it is on film or an awards show, a normal day at their favorite boutique or a stint at the beach. However, we get more wowed at the sight of older Hollywood stars, which even at their age still are able to carry themselves well. These people seem to be defying the effects of aging and even manage more to look better than their younger counterparts. One of these stars is Jennifer Aniston. This Friends celebrity has been able to maintain her body and looks even at the age of 40, which is why she has been one of the inspirations of countless young adults to be healthy.

One of the struggles and concerns of women everywhere has been to look for the appropriate weight loss tips and to find the quickest way to lose weight without necessarily having to alter so much of their current diet and lifestyle. Some dietary plans on the market are known to be very stringent which is why most cannot really keep up with their recommendations. However, Jennifer Aniston has managed to create her own lifestyle and health routine based on Dr. Barry Sears diet plan that is more friendly and doable for the ordinary woman. This Zone Diet or Jennifer Anniston diet plan is a healthy combination of incorporating lifestyle changes and the right type of foods for the body.

The Jennifer Anniston diet plan includes an intake of carbohydrates although done so in the right amounts, lean proteins and low-starch food products. It eases the body to take in only healthy food, with a focus on calcium and vitamin D. The diet also stresses the importance of eating 5 times a day and drinking lots of water. Even vegetarians can be on the Zone Diet. The average length of time that people lose weight depends on each person but certain changes can be seen in as early as two weeks into the routine.

It is important to note that any diet regimen will fail without the necessary efforts coming from those who want to unde-rgo a planned diet and it should be coupled with the proper examination to take into account all other health considerations. In no time, with the proper combination of commitment and dedication, one can be assured of looking as fabulous and being as healthy as Jennifer Aniston can.

The Zone Diet – recipes to try

Egg and Prosciutto

1 Wasa Cracker (1 sheet)
2 hard boiled eggs – NO YOLKS
2 oz. prosciutto
1 cup grapes
3 almonds


Lemon and Fennel Salad

1½ cups feta – reduced fat crumbled

4 bulbs fennel

1½ cups pears, cubed

2 tablespoons raisins (soaked)

2½ lemons

2 Tsp. Zone Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1¼ cups white wine

1 Tbsp. sesame seeds

salt and pepper to taste

Thinly slice the fennel. Cut and discard the ends from the lemons, and then cut them into thin slices. Put the olive oil into a skillet over medium high heat. When thge oil is hot, add the fennel and lemons and cook for about five minutes. Pour the white wine into the saucepan and cook until reduced by half. Barely cover the fennel and lemons with water, adding salt, pepper and sesame seeds. Cook for about 20 minutes or until fennel is al dente, then turn off heat, add the pear and let sit, covered, until cooled. Before serving, toss with the raisins softened in cold water and the feta cut into small cubes.


Turkey Tips with Asparagus

6 ounces turkey breast

2 bell peppers

3 cups asparagus

1 cup canned pineapple cubes in light syrup (rinsed/drained)

2 teaspoons Zone Extra Virgin Olive Oil

vegetable broth


Break off and discard the woody ends from the asparagus. Slice the asparagus . Cut peppers into thin strips. Cut turkey breast into 6 cubes and sauté in oil in a skillet over medium high heat until browned. Remove turkey from skillet and keep warm. Sauté the vegetables in the remaining juices in the skillet, adding a bit of vegetable broth and salt. Cook until vegetables are softened. Transfer vegetables and turkey to a plate. Serve with the pineapple for dessert.



Best Option for Quick Weight Loss

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If you want quick weight loss, the first thing that will come to your mind is to go to diet gurus or buy diet plans and programs in order to reach your goal. And sometimes, you might even have to spend a lot of money just to maintain the program. But believe it or not, there is a way to achieve quick weight loss safely, without needing to rely on the many diet programs and gurus out there. All you need is a good understanding of weight loss principles.

It’s really simple. In order to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than what you consume. If you’re consuming more, then you have two options — it’s either you lessen your calorie intake, or increase the calories you burn.

Some people would choose the first option because it’s easier to cut down on calorie intake than to exercise more intensively (and some people just don’t have the time for that). But actually, this is a slow way to weight loss because the body is designed to adapt to your calorie intake. You might notice a shedding of a few pounds at first, but your fat-burning mechanisms eventually adjust to the low intake and will start burning less calories. At this point, no weight loss will ever occur.

What you can do is to find a fast diet that doesn’t fight the way your body works. Exercise is a good way to increase the number of calories you burn by boosting metabolism. Another way is to eat large quantities of food at the right time. This also stimulates your metabolism, causing you to burn more calories. As long as you don’t eat so much all the time, then weight loss is sure to happen. Weight loss might be hard to achieve but it is possible, especially if your body is on your side.