Green Tea Weight Loss – How to do it Right?

Drinking green tea to burn fat has become a common means for weight reduction. Even so, you have to do it correctly to achieve the results you want. If your plan is to consume one cup of green tea daily and you’re counting on the extra weight melting off, you’re going to be disappointed. You have to consume a great deal of green tea to deliver genuine weight-loss benefits, and you must consume the appropriate type of green tea. Read on for a simple guide to getting ideal results compiled from the results of numerous scientific studies regarding green tea weight loss.

To begin with it’s the anti-oxidants in green tea, known as EGCG that actually induce the green tea weight loss effects. EGCG, whilst supplying the additional key health benefits of green tea like decreasing your chance of cancers and cardiovascular disease, increases your metabolism securely and holistically with no negative effects. The research has shown that for optimum weight loss effects you have to take in about seven hundred mg of EGCG daily. With this amount, EGCG uses up, typically, seventy-five to eighty calories per day.

There are two feasible approaches to consuming that much green tea every day – by drinking green tea or by taking the health supplement version of green tea known as green tea extract. If you choose to drink green tea then you’ll need to drink it in the form of loose leaf green tea rather than using green tea bags. The reason behind this is that the leaves in tea bags are sliced into tiny pieces which exposes 1/2 to 2/3 of the EGCG anti-oxidants to air, opening them up to oxidative damage. Because of this you would have to drink two to three times as many cups compared to loose leaf green tea. The truth is you still have to consume around six cups of loose leaf green tea daily anyway. Typically, a cup of freshly made loose leaf green tea supplies around a hundred and twenty mg of EGCG. So six cups supplies you with seven hundred and twenty mg of EGCG.

For many people, consuming six cups of loose leaf green tea every day just isn’t possible, which is the reason why green tea extract is very common these days. Using green tea extract you can know precisely how much EGCG you’re consuming since every pill or tablet contains a standard dosage. Just look at the content label to determine the amount of pills you must take to reach  seven hundred mg. Don’t be concerned if your dosage goes above this number, since research has shown that even with extremely high doses (much greater than seven hundred mg), EGCG is quite safe, however over seven hundred mg the green tea weight loss results do not increase.

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